DIY Postpartum Care

I’m still waiting for Little Dudes arrival, so I’m passing the time by making all sorts of remedies for my body after childbirth. A client passed this link on to me a while back for Passionate Homemaking Blog’s DIY Natural Postpartum Care Kit. If you didn’t already know, I am a spaz when it comes to making sure that my body care items are non-toxic, and preferably organic- and DIY’ing it is sometimes the best alternative to store bought because not only do you get 100% control over the ingredients, some things are so inexpensive to make yourself! All of the recipes are super simple, and I have already stocked the freezer with pre-treated pads, and have perineum spray at the ready. I couldn’t find synthetic fragrance-free Witch Hazel at either of the co-ops closest to me, but at Target you can get a 16oz bottle for under 2$, and all it contains is Witch Hazel (86%) and Alcohol (14%). The alcohol content is a little worrisome because I think it might add some sting, but most brands of Witch Hazel have the same alcohol content, and I think its partially included as it’s what’s used to distill the herb. So, we’ll just see if it’s a hindrance later. I also discovered Earth Mama, Angel Baby– a super affordable brand of mom and baby care supplies that are 100% vegan and plant-based, and they have great gift sets that would make a great gift for a baby shower. I’m doing my best to keep from going stir crazy, including stocking up on true crime novels, cleaning the house (yet again), going to yoga every day, taking long walks when it cools down at night, and thinking of witty responses to “Has the baby come yet?!”. Hopefully, Little Dude doesn’t make me wait past this weekend, or I may just rip my hair out. :)

40 week vegan baby bump

40 week vegan baby bump, and I STILL have a belly button, although its no longer in the center. 

2 responses to “DIY Postpartum Care

  1. Maybe he’s tryin’ to let you enjoy labor day weekend :-P. Sounds like you’re doing soo much when you should be just chill-axin, ya know? Did you look into the Thayer’s brand of witch hazel? I think they have an alcohol-free and unscented version, though it may have aloe in it. You’re in great shape btw!

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