Vegan Pregnancy Nutrient Sources, in a nutshell.

In a nutshell. Get it? Har Har Har!

Now that I’m almost done growing my little spawn inside of me, I thought I’d touch base on nutrition now that I’ve gone through a (so far) successful pregnancy while gasp, vegan. To me the measurement of success are as follows:

* Didn’t develop gestational diabetes with a family history rampant in every type of the disease.

*Perfect blood work- My hemoglobin (iron levels), blood sugars, and all other draws were within normal standards and were consistent with my pre-pregnancy blood work history. I have no history of anemia as a vegan and never really took supplements pre-pregancy, and between prenatals and daily greens, my levels of iron are still up.

* My weight gain has been steady, and within recommended guidelines for my pre-pregnancy BMI. At 31 weeks I was up 22 lbs and my fundal measurement (belly length in centimeters when lying down, should correlate with the gestational week) was at 31 as well. My recommended weight gain should fall within 25-35 pounds for a 5′ 4″ woman with a pre-baby weight of 132 lbs.

My sources of iron:

Rainbow Light Once a Day Prenatal Supplements.
Daily dose of greens; 2 handfuls of spinach in a smoothie, as well as steamed broccoli, kale, or another dark green incorporated into dinner.
Daily dose of Beans or Lentils; always incorporated into dinner, which subsequently becomes the next days lunch.
One of my favorite high iron meals are tacos filled with grilled tofu, black and pinto beans, and a heap of sautéed kale. It also happens to be high in protein, too!

Here’s a great breakdown of high-iron foods for vegans.

My sources of Protein:

As I’ve posted before, protein is mega important as it’s building teeny baby muscles and keeps you from getting fatigued beyond the normal limits of pregnancy.

Tofu- I almost always get extra firm
Daily dose of Beans or Lentils
Daily dose of nut butter- either 2tbs almond or peanut in my a.m. smoothie
Daily dose of chia seeds- in my a.m. smoothie
Daily dose of hemp seeds- in my a.m. smoothie
Broccoli, peas, and other green vegetables and legumes

Here’s a great breakdown of high protein foods.

My sources of calcium:

Daily dose of fortified almond milk in my a.m. smoothie
Almond butter
Fortified almond yogurt
Rainbow Light Once a Day Prenatal Supplements.

Between my smoothies and my prenatal I can easily get my calcium needs met for the day.

Vegan sources of calcium guide.

My sources of B12:

Honestly, I count on my prenatal first and foremost since it has a measurable amount. I’ve heard nutritional yeast is a good source, and I use that regularly but I don’t rely on it. Vgena B12 supplements exist if you need extra help getting your levels up.

B12 in the vegan diet

My sources of Omega 3’s, and specifically DHA’s

Flora DHA supplement- algae sourced
Chia Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Canola oil and other Omega rich oils when used cold for salad dressing

Folic Acid
Rainbow Light Once a Day Prenatal Supplements
Dark Greens

Vitamin D
I take a D3 supplement that is vegan from Nordic Naturals.
I don’t rely on sunshine because I’m not basking in the sun daily, and I try to wear sunblock.

These are the more important nutrients needed for pregnancy; vitamin A,C,K, etc are all generally covered in fortified foods and supplements so I’m not going to list those all out as well.


vegan baby bump in a polka dot bikini

Now that I’m almost 35 weeks and getting close to the earliest that the baby could come (37 weeks, versus 42 for the longest) I’m getting crafty while finishing up the nursery so that I can start meal prepping!

3 responses to “Vegan Pregnancy Nutrient Sources, in a nutshell.

  1. virgoandpisces

    So happy I am not the only one who hasn’t finished up my nursery:)

  2. Thank you for posting this! I’m am trying to conceive now and although I’ve been reading the Everything Vegan Pregnancy book, this helps simplify things a bit. I’ve made macrobiotic bowls in the past and think they may be a good “go to” since they can contain so many things I’ll need. I also appreciate reading a vegan blog (and vegan pregnancy blog) that’s more hip, less hippy.

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