Vegan MN State Fair Food! 2011 edition

ok kids, judging by the number of you scoping out last years and 2009s lists i can say with confidence that this years line-up will be appreciated! the hubby and i trotted through the fairgrounds for a whopping 8 1/2 hours of food, fun, and people watching and were able to find new vegan food options. hold on to your seats, kids! because i cared so damn much about feeding my face, as well as ensuring you could feed yours, i spent sunday night reading the entire food vendor list (for reals) and each item offered (double for reals) and made two lists; the “already confirmed vegan list”, and the “look into this” list.

Here’s everything i’ve confirmed over the past 3 years.

Everything I’ve Ever Eaten At The Fair

*i didn’t eat everything listed yesterday, promise!

Fried Pickles– order original w/out cream cheese

las lomas tamales, vegetarian tamale– only available for 4 days, check the state fair’s site for this years days

Fresh Cut French Fries
Harry Singh’s Jerk Fries
The Potato Man and Sweetie Sweet Potato “Fries”

Harry Singh’s Carribbean-

Jerk Fries

Chickpea Roti                                                                   

Strawberries N’ Creme Strawberry Cup w/Non-Dairy Whipped Topping -these are by no means healthy as the “whipped topping” ingredients have some creepy chemicals, but hey, as far as i can tell, it’s vegan!

Holy Land: 


Kushari Rice

Somosas and Somali Samosas

Hummus and Pita

Fried Green Tomatoes- i almost preferred these to the pickles!

Roasted Corn– ask for no butter, it’s divine!

Island Noodles– original, they now offer teriyaki chicken, but its pre-cooked and kept in a roasting pan away from the noodles so that they are still happily vegan!

Kettle Corn– always yummy

Fresh Fruit- there’s a stand across from the international bazaar with GIANT, ripe peaches and nectarines.

Potato Tornado– its just a big potato chip, get fries instead!

Veggie Pie- frozen fruit on a stick.

now for some food porn! *having a partner in crime, or two, will ensure that you don’t fall into a food coma. he he he.

iced coffees!our first stop of the day, dunn bros for some cold press to fuel the 6.5 mile bike ride to the fair grounds.

fried pickles!fried pickles, a delicious stand-by with hot sauce.



we couldn’t find the citypages booth, or their infamous ‘bachmann eyes’, so we befriended an ellen fan instead.

alaska IPA

alaska IPA

surly furious

cool refreshing nectar of the gods


* i have just been informed that surly uses isinglass to filter their beers. bummer.  i have now been informed that surly uses a centrifuge system for filtration and no longer rely on animal products! rejoice!





Harry Singh’s Carribbean Jerk Fries!

yum! these were brand-spankin’ new this year, and they did not disappoint. lightly golden-fried, these had a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior-and weren’t over-browned. the jerk seasoning was flavorful without being overbearing, and the more you ate, the hotter the burn!

bahahaha! farmer hubby!

toasting my bunz

goofing off at the eco-exhibit. also, i find it annoying when people pronounce eco as “echo”.

Strawberries N’ Creme

like i said, the ingredients are definitely creepy and chemical-laden, but if you eat fairly organic and local, whats a little high fructose corn syrup mixed with partially hydrogenated oils? i was raised on that shit!


Kushari Rice

basmati rice, fried onions, lentils, elbow macaroni, and spiced tomato sauce. i could definitely describe this as “middle eastern hot dish”, especially with the random inclusion of elbow macaroni. i would have loved it to have been heavier on the sauce and onions, but if you’re looking for a more substantial nosh, go for this, or the island noodles.


we couldn’t say no to a fruit loving mountain lion, could you?

smug satisfaction


these peaches were so effin amazing! you needed at least 3 napkins to catch the juice.

fried green tomatoes!

fried green tomatoes!

i think i loved these more than the pickles, and ellen loved them, too.

roasted corn!

you can’t not eat it, so why stop yourself?

island noodles!

island noodles, always a classic.

and that concludes this years picture-heavy food bonanza!

9 responses to “Vegan MN State Fair Food! 2011 edition

  1. the Fun Chow and grapes leaves on a stick are also vegan, right?

    • i have no idea what fun chow is, and if you mean dolmades (grape leaves), they might be vegan but i’d ask the vendor. this is just a summary of everything i’ve ever had/confirmed as vegan-friendly, so if you get the thumbs up on the fun chow and the dolmades, let e know how they taste and i’ll add them to the list!

  2. Just an FYI, Surly beer isn’t vegan or even vegetarian. They use isinglas for clarifying it, which is from fish bladders.

    • that’s a bummer, but technically then half of the stuff i listed above isn’t vegan either by those definitions because of the inclusion of processed sugars which are treated with animal bone-char, or fried in shared cooking oils, ect. i guess everyone will have to decide on where they’ll draw the vegan line.

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